Moët & Chandon celebrates Roger Federer’s 20 years of greatness with Sid Lee Paris


Moët & Chandon celebrates Roger Federer’s 20 years of greatness with Sid Lee Paris, as the tennis player celebrates this year his 20th year as a professional player.

To mark the milestone, Moët & Chandon decided to celebrate it with a special-edition bottle: the “Greatness Since 1998” collection. Created in partnership with agency Sid Lee Paris, the special packaging features a grand vintage bottled the year the champion entered the world of professional tennis, 1998. Gone is Moët & Chandon’s signature tie, replaced with the rubber grip of a tennis racket.

The design is so exclusive the luxury brand is only producing 20 magnum bottles, one of each size for each year of Federer’s career. The 20 magnum bottles will be sold at €19,998 apiece with benefits going to the Roger Federer foundation, which, since 2003, has helped 500,000 youngsters around the world gain better access to sport and education.

In addition to the limited-edition bottle, the brand and Sid Lee Paris produced a 30-second film and a key visual offering a closer look at the innovative design of the exceptional bottle, a tribute to 20 years of greatness. 


  • Agency: Sid Lee Paris
  • Client: Moët & Chandon
  • Title of ad: Roger Federer 20th years pro career
  • Brand Supervisor: Olivia De Longueil
  • Chairman / Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
  • Agency President: Johan Delpuech
  • Creative Director: Stephane Soussan
  • Account Director: Jean-Baptiste Destabeau
  • Art Director: Romain Lehur
  • Head of production: Thomas Laget
  • Producers: Marine Redon, Julia Flusin
  • Manufacturers (leather): Atelier Toolbox
  • Production Company: Acne
  • Photographer: Olle Bengtsson
  • Music: Nicolas De Grandi, Jonathan Ouanounou, Ludovic Gontrand
  • Post-Production: Acne