Kinecto Isobar Bucharest brings Forests’ sounds around with Greenpeace Romania and Pelicam

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Kinecto Isobar Bucharest and Greenpeace Romania entered the second phase of their “Forest is not a mute film” campaign, and they are join in this by Pelicam, the international festival of film about environment and people. During the festival, which reached its 7th edition, a new song using forest sounds will be launched, following the footsteps of  “The most beautiful place on earth” (Coma) and “Sona” (Pixels).

The festival takes place on June 21-24, in Romanian town Tulcea. is a Greenpeace Romania platform made in partnership with Kinecto Isobar Bucharest which offers the public an ambient mix of real sounds from the Romanian virgin forests, reunited within the album Uncut. The platform is part of the forests’ campaign of Greenpeace Romania, which aims to promote a future in which there are more and better forests then today.

The creative idea came from the team of Kinecto Isobar Bucharest, following a project where there were needed stock sounds from the nature and someone wondered how would it be if the sounds would be found in Romanian forests. A research and brainstorming process with Greenpeace followed, after which it was decided to make the first album with real sounds from the virgin forests in the country.

The first time we discussed the idea in December 2016 and the launch of the project happened almost a year later, and that because we waited for the spring to be able to record beautiful sounds. We prospected the forests where we could tape the sounds together with Greenpeace Romania, we looked for a partner specialized in field recording and we started the collaboration with Coma, which matched perfectly with what we wanted from this campaign

Silvia Marinescu – Kinecto Isobar

The campaign aims to bring notoriety over a huge problem Romania is facing, namely the uncontrolled cut of the virgin forest and, in the same time, convincing the Romanians to get involved in an action aimed to protect forests, by signing a petition that comes with campaign’s ad or by making donations or getting involved in tree planting campaigns.


Kinecto Isobar Bucharest: Silvia Marinescu (Strategy and copy), Andrei Dumitrescu (art direction), Raluca Simion (account management).

Greenpeace: initially Valentin Salageanu (campaigns director), Carla Donciu (head of communication), Irina Brandabur (online communication specialist), joined by Ciprian Galusca (coordinator forests and biodiversity campaign) and Simona Radoi (PR).