Globalworth hosts the first augmented art gallery with video mapping animation in Romania


Globalworth Tower transforms itself for 3 weeks (July 31st – August 24th) in the first augmented art gallery with video mapping animation in Romania, event that is part of Art & Tech District, a cultural initiative developed by Globalworth in partnership with One Night Gallery. The project proposes itself to promote the young generation of Romanian artists, by at the same time involving the community in the Barbu Vacarescu area.

The paintings are signed by the artist Victor Fota and are part of the series Human Extension and Entropy, through which he is exploring the relationship between human and technology. One Night Gallery used augmented reality in order to transport the spectator in the story of Victor Fota’s pieces, where animations with video mapping articulate the fascinating universe in his paintings.

During the years we’ve constructed a real community in our buildings in the Barbu Vacarescu area and now it has arrived the time to give it a name. Art & Tech District is an ambitious project inspired by the way in which our partners succeed in constantly innovating. Therefore we bring forward our promise to offer more than just office spaces, of creating a socializing place in which we are can happily enjoy together new experiences. Especially because innovation is part of our tenants’ DNA we are launching the project through an exhibition that integrates a mix of technology and art, inspired by Victor Fota’s pieces”, said Georgiana Oltenescu, Head of Marketing & Communication la Globalworth.

Thanks to One Night Gallery’s efforts, during its six editions so far, of bringing art through the means of technology closer to the public, we proved that these hybrid manifestations represent a central point of interest. Therefore, we are glad that our partners at Globalworth embraced our endeavor and that together we can take a step by creating Art & Tech District”, explained Madalina Ivascu, co-founder One Night Gallery.

The opening will by on July 31st, with the first part of the series  Human Extension that will be hosted in Globalworth Tower’s reception (Barbu Vacarescu 201) and will be on until August 7th, while between August 8th-17th, the visitors to be able to discover the second part of the works in the same collection. In the period August 18th-24th, there will be shown works in the Entropy series.

This art district is the pretext through the means of which we are inviting all the creatives and specialists to transform the new technologies in exposing environments for the Romanian contemporary artists. The unique curatorial endeavor that  One Night Gallery has been proposing since the first edition has as common nominator the innovative collaborations through which the public enjoyed the Romanian contemporary art in all of technologies’ dimensions,” added Sorina Topceanu, co-founder One Night Gallery.

Victor Fota practices the technique of oil painting with Flamand influences and explores the relationship human-technology. And the technology is not only one of the central themes of his works, but also a means that will totally transform the art passionate people’s experience that will visit the exhibition. The exhibition is augmented through the Artivive App, while the animations of the works were created at the video mapping studio Aural Eye.