The GLOVO app delivered over 30.000 products in Bucharest in 3 months

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Glovo, the app that allows users to order and send anything, delivered in the three months it has been present on the market over 30.000 products. The app was downloaded by over 50.000 users and over 800 delivering people insured the delivering services. Glovo was launched in Bucharest in May 2018.

Through the Anything/Orice service, Glovo can deliver anything, from a backpack from a specialized shop up to the dress that the user saw in a store and through the service Courier allows the delivering of documents or picking up objects forgotten at home or at the office, sunglasses or agendas. In the three months from its debut in Bucharest, the 800 glovers went with the bicycles, scooters or cars over 100.000 km in Bucharest and delivered, among others, 3700 kebabs, 5100 burgers, 2100 pizzas, 1000 eclairs and 800 doughnuts. The average order per user is RON 50.

Glovo’s plans regard the expansion of the services through partnerships with suppliers that offer products dedicated to the pregnant women and mothers in order to offer them a fast and integrated access to them.The first three months show a growth of the orders through pampers, formula, food and cremes for children and toddlers.

The Anything category allows users to put on an order or to deliver anything that enters the deliverer’s bag. We thought in the first place that this service comes in the help of mothers and we want to expand the partnerships with the stores that offer the necessary products to the pregnant women. We want to fulfill the needs when in comes to delivering for the pregnant women in the Capital, the number of births being annually estimated at almost 20.000. The statistics show us that the families are very active in the app,not only through orders for diapers, different toys or cloths, but also for bio food, the necessary objects in the kitchen or shopping from the supermarkets for all the members. The Anything section offers a special comfort in the delivery service and we want to facilitate the users’ access to any product that is necessary to them and the delivery in the useful time,” said Victor Racariu, General Manager Glovo Romania.

During an Anything delivery the products must be picked up from only once place, meaning a single store or location.

The biggest number of orders for food were from the restaurants Dristor Doner Kebap, Vivo Fusion Food Bar, Uncle John, Salad Box, Taksim, KungFu King, Hello Donuts, Donutino, Japanos, Ciorbărie, Pepp and Pepper, Ganesha Caffe, Wu Xing. while Glovo is in partnership with over 150 restaurants in Bucharest.

Until the end of September, the Glovo users benefits of free delivery for the products ordered in the categories Restaurants and Snacks&Juices.

At the moment the service is available only in Bucharest, but Glovo’s plans forsee the extension in cities with over 200.000 people.