Romanian video games dev industry – $156M turnover in 2017

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Game dev industry in Romania continues to develop and the growth trends, both local and global, are encouraging. RGDA acts continuously to stimulate investments in the industry and in order to develop local entrepreneurship in gaming; in the next years, we expect significant increases in the area of independent developers, and, as consequence, more promising products developed in Romania. That is why RGDA developed, during the last period of time, a constant and transparent dialog with the central authorities in order to present the opportunities and challenges of the industry in Romania. A sustainable development and a really significant growth can be achieved benefiting by support from the state, same as it happens in other countries where this sector is well developed

Catalin Butnariu

President RGDA 

The industry made itself noticed last year by developing or co-developing in Romania titles internationally known such are FIFA (Electronic Arts), Asphalt StreetStorm (Gameloft), Assassin’s Creed Origins (Ubisoft), Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (Ubisoft), Need for Speed (Electronic Arts) and Iron Blade (Gameloft), but also via games developed by Romanian independent studios such are Brawlout (Angry Mob Games), Door Kickers: Action Squad (KillHouse Games), Gray Dawn (Interactive Stone), LigaUltras and ScoreRivals (Green Horse Games), Tap Busters (Metagame), The Adventures of Elena Temple (GrimTalin) or Euro Truck Driver (Ovilex).

The information comes from a study made for the 3rd edition of the DEV.PLAY conference, event organized by RGDA on October 4-5 in Bucharest, at Baneasa Shopping City

RGDA (Romanian Game Developers Association) is an NGO that aims to support and promote video games developers in Romania.