ARMO: Romanian e-commerce to reach €3.6BN in 2018

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 E-commerce is having a supported developing rhythm in Romania and is estimated to reach a total value of  €3.6BN in 2018, up 30% compared to 2017, with the pace of growth being higher then the European average, according to a Kantar Millward Brown study, informs ARMO (Romanian Association of Online Stores).

The e-commerce in Romania is on an ascending trend, but the legislation is obsolete, a fact that can tamper with its development in today’s global context. That is why it is needed an actualization of the legislation that existed before Romania entered European Union, which has to be done according to the European directives in effect, so that there can be similar conditions for the Romanian and international e-commerce players

Florinel Chis,

Executive Director ARMO

Chief Technology Advisor EMOTA (European eCommerce and Omni-Channel Trade Association).

According to INS (National Statistics Institute), Romania has a population of circa 19.5M inhabitants, from which 12.6M are between 16 – 65 y.o. and 11M are internet users. According to the Kantar Millward Brown study, there were registered 8.28M e-shoppers in Romania by 2018. Also, 38% Romanians bought online at least once during the last 12 months, their percentage being bigger compared to other European countries like Greece (36%), Portugal (36%), Italy (34%), Croatia (29%) and Bulgaria (26%).

E-commerce started generating businesses, with the online expansion being an opportunity to maintain a business when confronted with the big commercial chains. The number of the active online stores in Romania doubled, from 7,000 in 2017 to 14,000 this year. According to estimates, their number will continue to grow in 2019, by 7%, to 15,000 active online stores. The categories with biggest growth potential when it comes of sales are fashion, home&deco, toys, home&garden, products for children.

Among the benefits of the e-commerce for clients are: big variety of available products and brands, the better quality-price report, with the option to compare products in a transparent way, fast access to the newest products or latest products launched on the market, access to other buyers’ opinions, multiple delivery options, free return option and vary payment options (card, online rates, pay on delivery, online banking).

When it comes of payment for the online shopping, a quarter of Romanians prefer to pay with the card, their percentage being up compared to the previous year. According to Kantar Millward Brown study from 2018, buying online from mobile devices reached to represent 57,3% from total and it continues to grow.