Regional campaign for home deco fans, from Vivre and Graffiti BBDO Romania

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Graffiti BBDO created the new regional campaign “Vivre – It’s from Vivre”, which dramatizes the moment of a new acquisition for a home and presents it as a love-story, in more scenes between the fans of home deco and their newly arrived objects.

Benefiting from the interest of Europeans towards interior design, increased during the last few years, and the raise in trust when it comes of ordering online, there was also a significant growth for Vivre, main online home&deco retailer from Romania. Vivre, launched locally as a start-up 6 years ago, expanded on other 8 European markets (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary) and functions more as a home deco curator then just a simple deco retailer, offering access to a selection of thousands of pieces from all over the world.

We fell in-love at first sight with Graffiti BBDO’s team and the communication platform “It’s from Vivre!” (…)  We expect that the buzz created by the communication platform to support both Vivre’s development strategy at international level and important events like Black Friday (…)

Alina Ignat,

Brand Manager, Vivre

The TVC was filmed in 2 locations close to Bucharest and involved a 100-people strong team and a Saint Bernard.

The campaign was launched in November, on TV in Romania and Bulgaria and digital on the other 7 European markets.


  • Graffiti BBDO: Andrei Nica (Creative Director), Andrei Munteanu & Victor Oprisan (Group Creative Directors), Catalina Ungureanu & Ioana Teodorescu (Junior Art & Copy), Dan Sendroiu (Head of Strategy), Oana Preda (Account Director), Karina Condei (Senior Account Executive), Liviu Isop (Head of AV), Andreea Sandu (General Manager)
  • Vivre Deco: Iulian Vegheș (VP of Marketing), Alina Ignat (Brand Manager), Andreea Anton (Copywriter & Social Media Specialist)
  • Production house: Multi Media Est with Hypno – Bogdan Moldoveanu (Director).