iSense study: Over half urban Romanians access social networks right after waking-up

Consumption Habits, Marketing, People, Studies

Social networks are occupying an important place in Romanian consumers’ lives and 53% of them start their day by accessing social media, as shown by  Romania’s Digital Marketing Report, compiled by research specialist iSense Solutions and presented during Digital Marketing Forum.

Facebook remains the most popular among Romanians, with 94% urban Romanians having an account on this network. Ranking in terms of popularity, the next places are occupied by YouTube (63% of Romanian internet users), Instagram (55% in 2019, up from 35% in 2016).

Facebook is also the preferred social network for Romanians (79%), but it took a steep drop among young people aged 18-25 (from 82% in 2018 to 48% in 2019), who seem to prefer Instagram (up from 7% in 2016 to 42% in the start of 2019). Still, Facebook remains the absolute favorite among those over 45 y.o. (84%).

90% Romanians are influenced by social media when it comes of trusting brands and they pay attention to good recommendations and quality content (54%), interesting content (39%), the brand answering on social networks (38%), recommendations from friends (36%).

In terms of channels where consumers want to interact with brands, many want the brands to talk to them on Facebook (63% in 2019 versus 51% in 2018), YouTube (16% in 2019 versus 8% in 2016) and Instagram (16% in 2019 versus 3% in 2016).

In social media, consumers expect from brands to communicate about  promotions (75%), novelties (71%), products (62%), actions and events (34%) CSR (25%).