Beko unveils the Built-in universe, in its latest online campaign


Beko, the leader of the European electronics market, launched starting April, in partnership with FCB Bucharest and Bright Agency, the campaign “Choose the Beko Built-in universe”, an online platform that brings the kitchen into the limelight and, at the same time, a complete and useful tool in the process of buying an electronics.

A campaign exposes the full eco-system of the Beko kitchen, formed of incorporated appliances in the categories of ovens, hobs and hoods, as well as on the segments of refrigerating devices and washing machines, all united under the headline Alege-ți universul Beko Built-in.

We started from the premises that, in life, each one of us needs to take decisions. Some are easy, don’t involve a considerable effort, but others gather full hours o documenting, of evaluating options, of searching opinions and so on. Decorating the kitchen isn’t an exception from the rule, at the end of the day we talk about the place where we spend a lot of time. The purpose of this campaign is to facilitate this decision, offering to the large public a generous amount of specialized, interactive and easy to watched volume

Gabriel Eremia,

Marketing Manager Arctic

The universe Beko Built-in creates a world full of possibilities when we are talking about the ideal kitchen, the way it is perceived by each of us separately. The new campaign proposes itself to re-give these possibilities in as a suggestive manner as possible, in order for each platform’s visitor to be able to easily identify himself / herself with the universe that fits him/her better. Choose the Beko Built-in Universe aims to serve as an inspiration source to those that don’t want to make any compromise while choosing the kitchen, either we are talking about quality, technology or design

Alexandra Pascu,

Brand Manager Beko

The campaign’s central element, the landing page Descopera Universul Beko Built In, presents six categories of kitchen aligned to the most trendy design arrangement trends and equipment with specific devices, each one of them being associated with a consumer profile. Each kitchen in the platform proposes a virtual tour, a selecting of incorporated appliances and their technologies, illustrated and explained through cinematics, as well as details about extra-warranty.

At a strategic level, we asked the question: what the Beko Universe and how do we define it? We set as a starting point the six collections of kitchens aligned in design and the Beko performance standards, the challenge being of creating an environment to which the public would identify itself. Therefore, we investigated and identified six target audiences that answer different needs the people might have from a kitchen. Later on, we’ve associated them to the six Built-in Beko universes, depending on a set of well defined particularities. The segmentation was done on several criteria, from age to lifestyle and preferences, in order that either it’s about youngsters living alone, couples, family, people that prefer minimalism or people that love colors and creativity, each one would be able to find their right collection that will reflect their personality

Adelina Maritiu,

Strategic Planner FCB Bucharest.

On her turn, Casandra Voicu, Creative Director Bright Agency, added:

The presentation of the range of incorporates in the dedicated landing page had as purpose the translating of the products into a complex digital experience, integrated web VR technologies in order to create a strong bond between the user and the products. We wanted the integration, as natural as possible, of the Beko incorporated products in those six collections and their positioning in an authentic and creative manner. We bet, as well, on the illustration of the technologies behind the Beko incorporated appliances, the discovering of those technologies in the platform being facilitated by the CGI technology. All the digital executions were thought around Beko’s positioning as a brand technology driven, with technologies that actively contribute to the lifestyle of each user.

In order to arrive in the Built-in Universe that fits you the users are invited to complete a quick quiz, based on some questions about their design, lifestyle and time spent in the kitchen preferences. Depending on the answer to those questions, the visitor enters in the kitchen’s 360 version, right for his / hers personality.


  • Beko: Gabriel Eremia – Marketing Manager, Alexandra Pascu – Brand Manager, Dan Chiriță – Digital Marketing Specialist, Alina Gabriela Matei – Digital Content Specialist , Adrian Ionut Pasita – Social Media Specialist, Mihaela Musat – PR Coordinator.
  • FCB Bucharest: Sonia Panait – New Business Development & Strategy Director, Adelina Maritiu – Strategic Planner, Viorel Holovaci – Senior Art Director, Paul Craciunescu – Copywriter, Alexandra Rus – Senior Account Manager, Stefania Dinu – Jr. Account Manager, Alina Stefan – PR Director, Horia Anton – PR Manager.
  • Bright Agency: Bogdan Nicoara – CEO, Casandra Voicu – Creative Director.