MullenLowe Romania signs the new Bucegi campaign, “De-al Casei” 

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The newest communication campaign for Bucegi brand, “De-al Casei” is signed by MullenLowe Romania and was launched at the beginning of April with a TV commercial along with online and point of sale materials. The agency was recently appointed to be in charge of the communication for the Bucegi brand, one of the longest-living brands in Romania, and will offer strategy and creative services for the brand in the next three years.

For us, Romanians, home is much more than a physical space. Home is a feeling, a source of balance and support in a continuously changing world. Home is where we are surrounded by our families and close friends, where we always know how things work and where we can enjoy our favorite beer. Bucegi, the beer with a honest taste that’s close to Romanians’ hearts, honors with its new creative direction those Romanians who are considered “De-ai casei” (“homies”) whether they are at home, at their friends’ place or at their favorite pub

Mihai Paduraru,

Group Brand Manager Bucegi


We were looking for an idea that would authentically come from the Romanians’ ‟home‟ space. We realized that some of them have a special title that they have earned. “De-al casei” (‟homieˮ) is a title of appreciation, of those you can count on and it is a warm declaration of friendship for the most awesome guests you know. Bucegi’s place is among them

Mihai Costache and Silviu Antohe,

Group Creative Directors, MullenLowe Romania

The new image campaign for Bucegi started at the beginning of April and includes the TVC , online and point of sale materials.

Heineken team: Anca Mușat (Marketing Director), Mihai Păduraru (Group Brand Manager Bucegi and Golden Brau), Sonia Duță (Brand Manager).

MullenLowe Romania team: George Bucurescu (Copywriter), Alexandra Jitărel (Copywriter), Mihai Stoica (Art Director), Mihai Costache and Silviu Antohe (Group Creative Directors), Adrian Radu (AV Director), Ioana Gheorghiță (Brand Strategist), Daniel Enache (Account Manager), Mădălina Marica (Group Account Director), Gabriela Alexandrescu (Deputy Managing Director).