Initiative Romania released an update of its Media Fact Book

Initiative Romania estimates the local media market grew 7% in 2019 and will continue to grow, with an estimated 5.5% in 2020, according to the updated data of the Media Fact Book report.

Romanian media market is expected to reach €514M in 2020, after a €487M in 2019.

We expect, in the end of 2020, the media market to go over the €500M mark, for the 1st time after 2008, when a historical value was registered. The spendings follow the media consumer development in his transition on long term towards an environment digital-centric, on-demand, and the growth rate is tempered while Romania´s economy shows its rhythm, the media spendings being readjusted in consequence

 Alexandra Olteanu,

Managing Director Initiative 

In 2019, TV ad investments knew a positive development, reaching to 5% compared with 2018, until €315M. The biggest growth rate was posted by the digital market, reaching to €99.1M, up 17% compared to 2018. In the same time, it was a good year also for OOH market, that reaches to an estimate of €32.2M in 2019, 5% up compared to 2018. The radio market continued its ascending trend in 2019, with an increase estimated at 10%, to €28.3M.

For 2020, Initiative estimates extra growth for TV (+2.5%, to €323M), online (+16%, to €114.5M), radio (+8%, to €30.6M) and OOH (+5%, to €33.8M).

At global level, according to MAGNA (IPG MediaBrands) estimates, the net investments in advertising increased in 2019 by  5.2% and will go up by 5.7% in 2020, to $595BN. The global TV market was in a slight decrease (-4%) in 2019, of $173BN.

In 2019, online continues to dominate the global media market, reaching record quotas from the total market, up to 51.5%, with a value of $306BN. Social media has the fastest growth in online, of +25%, over the numbers generated by digital video (23%) or search (14%). Search remains the first in digital, being the format that attracted $144BN and 47% from the total online budgets.

OOH market posted significant growth at global level (+6.1%), reaching to record numbers ($37BN), due to digital OOH that posted a 20% increase.

Media Fact Book is the only analysis report of the Romanian media and advertising market, published annually by Initiative since 1997. The full study is accessible and downloadable digitally from

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