Euromillions enters a new era with Romance

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Parisian agency Romance was selected by Française des Jeux, the operator of France’s national lottery games, to reposition its EuroMillions brand and build a new communication territory centered on the value of sharing. Romance won after a pitch in which were involved 4 other agencies.

Set in a context where, today, French people are no longer dreaming of just amassing money, preferring instead to give more meaning to what they consume, EuroMillions’ new tagline – “What kind of millionaire would you be” – champions a less ordinary and superficial relationship to winning big.

For this EuroMillions relaunch campaign, we wanted to awaken the emotional dimension of the game, of winning and of the dreams you share with your friends and family

Cécile Lagé, Cécile Lagé,

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, FDJ.

In order to build loyalty among current players and recruit new ones, we had to give the brand a new status and tell a story bigger than money

Christophe Lichtenstein,

President of Romance.

The first film of the saga, created by Romance, focuses on a group of friends sharing their dreams if they were to win big – giving to charity, going to space, giving back to the environment … The emotional spot marks a strong evolution from EuroMillions’ previous campaigns.

“In order to reconnect the brand with the times, the film replaces an outdated look at superficial, material desires with a universal, authentic dream,” explains Alexandre Hervé, Creative Director, Romance.

The film is accompanied by an outdoor campaign, with questions that invite us to reflect on life as a millionaire: “What life will you change after your own?”, “Who will you share it with?”.

The new brand platform launcheds on television, billboards and digital on January 26th.



Francaise des Jeux

  • Chief Marketing & Digital Officer : Cécile Lagé
  • Director of Marketing, Lottery : Cédric Breton
  • Director, Activation, Content and Media : Olivier Pribile
  • Director, Offline Content and Media : Julie Mulliez
  • Director, Offline Content and Media, Drawings: Camille Jalon
  • Director, Offline Content and Media, EuroMillions : Sonny Garcia


  • President : Christophe Lichtenstein
  • Creative Director : Alexandre Hervé
  • Copywriter : Camélia Baccouche
  • AD : Clémentine Guillopé, Julien Rézette
  • Brand Management : Marion Floch, Alicia Mancone, Mathilde Cuveiller
  • Strategic Planning : Benoit Clavé, Jérôme Lavillat
  • TV Producer : Émilie Talpaert
  • Post Producer: Sabine Brillet

Production : Grand Bazar

  • Director : Katia Lewkowicz
  • Producer: Juliette Desmarescaux
  • DP : Hugo Mérival