Techcelerator invites tech companies to join the Tech Startups United initiative

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‘The acceleration program Techcelerator invites technology startups to join the Tech Startups United cause. The initiative aims to bring together tech startups in Romania, especially in the MedTech area and digital services, which develop solutions that can be useful to the medical and financial systems, to companies and SMEs that need support in order to continue their economic activity during this period, as well as other institutions in search of digital solutions.

Startups wishing to join this cause can register here, mentioning how their service/product can be used by authorities or the private sector to mitigate the effects of this crisis. The list of enrolled startups will also be submitted to the authorities and can be publicly consulted by any organization seeking technology-based solutions to overcome this critical period.

“With this initiative we want to support, on one hand, the professionals in the front line in the fight against this pandemic, contributing with suggestions of tech solutions to make their work easier and of which will benefit implicitly those affected by it. Equally important is to support small businesses so that they do not get into the situation of downsizing their activity massively; therefore, we are looking for digital solutions that they can implement quickly to ensure the continuity of their operations. Startups have the great advantage of being able to quickly spinoff their solutions so they can be implemented by business segments related to those they initially targeted. The flexibility that they demonstrate, in this context, has to do with a sense of responsibility and of real value offered to the ecosystem whose active members they are,” said Cristian Dascălu, GapMinder VC partner and Techcelerator Co-Founder.

The first startup included in the list, which offered its services pro bono, is XVision. The Techcelerator alumnus, which uses AI algorithms to analyze lung X-rays, could speed up diagnostic processes as it successfully assists radiologists. Among the pathologies identified by XVision are those directly related to pneumonia, a pathology that is also caused by coronavirus.

The list also includes other startups that have interacted with Techcelerator’s program and team in the past, such as Medicai, Ialoc, Frisbo, MediJobs, VoxiKids, Telios and CityHealth by Life is Hard.

Medicai is a medical imaging platform designed for chronic patients and their doctors. It offers online collaboration capabilities for multidisciplinary teams and implicitly offers clinicians the ability to transfer many of their activities into the digital environment. Processes such as triage, prioritizing patients, referrals to other clinics / specialties or monitoring can be done directly on the platform and more efficiently. During this period, it is even recommended that patients with chronic illnesses to not expose themselves to the contact with other people, if possible, as they are currently the most vulnerable category.

Ialoc, a reservations management solution, has launched a special Gift Card to support SMEs, such as restaurants and cafes, by encouraging regular customers to buy vouchers and use them after these venues are reopened. Thus, they ensure a certain continuity for small businesses which do not have digital goods and which depend on the physical presence of the customer in the respective restaurants or cafes.

Frisbo, an intelligent e-fulfillment platform, in collaboration with its e-commerce partners, launches a project to digitize the most affected areas of the Romanian economy, starting with physical stores, which will have to adapt quickly to online sales in order to ensure their survival given the reduction or ceasing of offline sales.

As for online specialized support, VoxiKids connects speech therapists and children through an application that offers special exercises to improve listening and pronunciation.

MediJobs, the largest online medical recruitment platform in Romania, has launched a hotline for faster enrollment of specialized staff.

As for online specialized support, VoxiKids connects speech therapists and children via an application that offers special exercises to improve listening and pronunciation.

Telios, a tele-medicine platform, offers online medical advice with the support of specialized doctors.

LIFE IS HARD company from Cluj-Napoca, specialized in software solutions development, offers free of charge the CityHealth application to local administrations throughout the country, which allows communication and remote interactions to solve problems that Romanian citizens may have during the COVID-19 pandemic. The application can help citizens be connected online with the local authorities and notify their issues without the need to go to the public offices or call.

“We are supporting Techcelerator alumni and will continue to address new companies through our mentors, processes and methodologies to accelerate local business. In this way, we will continue to support entrepreneurs and startups to adapt to what is currently going on and to provide added value and a flow of their everyday activities,” added Cristian Dascălu.

Details about the listed startups are available here. The list will continue to be updated constantly.

Techcelerator is an acceleration program targeting Romanian technology startups. Headquartered in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, two important centers of Romanian innovation, Techcelerator is the first accelerator in Romania to allocate funds for the development of companies in the (pre)acceleration phase. Thanks to the strategic partnership with GapMinder Venture Partners, are targeted for acceleration and investments young innovative companies with high potential for international development and expansion in growing industries such as: software, cyber security, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, IT solutions for health, FinTech and others.