Connected digital experiences accelerate and enable brands to demonstrate social value


Apps bearing socially important messages – from contraception advice for young women to the future of environmentally sustainable packaging – spearhead the latest batch of cutting-edge digital campaigns from multi-award-winning creative technology agency Appetite Creative.

In a business world increasingly conscious of its impact, companies including Swedish packaging company Tetra Pak and pharmaceutical and life sciences giant Bayer are among those demonstrating the potential of apps for socially-conscious campaigns.

“Brands face a stiff challenge to connect with consumers in today’s world, so there is a need for brands to invest genuinely in the issues that matter to people and carry that message through innovative connected experiences,” says Jenny Stanley, founder and CEO of Appetite Creative. “The environment and women’s health are of vital importance to all of us, and that is why, combined with the right technology and experiential methods, brands like these are cutting through.”

Tetra Pak, which has been recognised as a global leader in tackling deforestation in the supply chain, used an Appetite-created quiz app to inform consumers of the strides being made in manufacturing sustainability. The company draws 100% of the paperboard in its packaging from sources certified or controlled by the Forest Stewardship Council.

QR codes also gathered data on consumers’ buying habits, even enabling them to compare the environmental awareness of different brands’ consumers, with separate quizzes for children and adults. The average length of the session was two minutes and 49 seconds.

Bayer’s birth control division, meanwhile, has reached 170,000 users to date, across multiple regions, with a questionnaire to help young women choose the contraceptive method that is best for them. A calming and sensitive set of questions focusing on lifestyle and personal choices produced personalised feedback about different methods – this could be downloaded or emailed, to be discussed with a doctor or shared, via WhatsApp, with friends.

“With 170,000 users and counting, we know that we are reaching people, and that users are actively interested in what we have provided,” says Jenny Stanley. “And the fact that 97% of users finished the quiz is really remarkable.”

The case studies emerge alongside renewed evidence of the broader power of well-tailored apps, games and social experiences to build connections between brands and consumers and gather valuable data on user preferences and habits.

A recent Appetite-devised voucher campaign for a leading coffee chain, based around the experiential Flip A Cup game, generated 90% engagement and average 60-second dwell time. Meanwhile, a pioneering WhatsApp promotion for Danish jewellery brand  – the first in the world to enable WhatsApp sharing in a banner ad – burst its engagement target 22-fold.

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Appetite Creative Solutions specialise in creating connected experiences for brands and delivering inspiring creativity for marketers and media owners. Their previous clients include top FMCG brands such as Tetrapak, Vodafone, Starbucks and Coca-Cola who have all worked with the team to successfully achieve brand objectives, such as driving in-store footfall, increasing awareness, increasing purchases, engaging sampling or voucher campaigns. Appetite then tracks how brands connect with today’s customers in their seamless proprietary “Liquid platform”; tracking their behaviour down to the user level so that brands and users can benefit from and optimise truly successful campaigns.