Romanian Initiative and Profero transformed outdoors from product promo support to #StayAtHome traffic limiting instruments

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Initiative and Profero launched #StaiAcasă (#StayAtHome), through which a series of traditional and digital OOH panels in Bucharest change their usual function, to promote products and services aimed to increase traffic and sales, in a vector to raise awareness and influence people’s way of acting, in the context of the current pandemic. The creative messages attract people’s attention over the obligativity to respect the measures drawn by authorities and not to leave their homes during the quarantine imposed due to Covid -19.

From the desire to support the efforts to prevent the spread of the virus, Profero and Initiative, both part of Lowe Group, reunited own resources with those owned by the OOH providers Euromedia and Phoenix Media, along with Affiche Digital Printing, for production. This way, over 60 traditional and digital panels are bearing, this week, contextual messages calling for responsibility.

Although we can see a decrease of traffic within the city, it is still far from being minimal. So we wanted to contribute as we know best, along to our partners, to generate awareness over the situation. If, in normal conditions, we aim for our outdoor messages to be seen by as many people as possible, now we have just one thought: to obey all of us and to get to the time when nobody sees them, really

Andreea Dinescu,

Managing Director, Profero.

We all know the best way to limit the spread of the pandemic is to stay home and avoid the contact with the others. We all know, but we do not fully understand how important it is to give up the meetings with the dear ones or to different unessential activities. Right now, street traffic is useless, being forbidden for justified reasons. Now, the best advertising is for our health, which depends fundamentally by each of us. We hope to manage to return from their way those who should stay home

Cătălin Florea,

Head of Product, Initiative.


  • Profero: Madalina State – Account Director, Florian Langa – Sr. Copywriter, Sonia Ciocan – Art Director
  • Initiative: Catalin Florea – Head of Product, Alexandru Miu – Senior OOH Manager, Andreea Varlan – OOH Planner