#FlClimateCrisis bring awareness to Florida raising temperatures with melting wax sculpture

Advertising, Marketing, OOH / DOOH

#FlClimateCrisis is a campaign created by mixed media production company 1stAveMachine and Zubi (of WPP’s Specialist Communications Division) for nonprofit The CLEO Institute.

Spearheaded by 1stAveMachine Director and inventor Bob Partington (known for hosting The History Channel’s ThingamaBob), the campaign brings greater awareness to Florida’s rising temperatures through melting wax sculptures installed across the state’s major cities. 

The outdoor pieces include a lifeguard hut (Miami), Florida panther mother and cub (Tampa), as well as a grandfather and granddaughter on a park bench (Orlando) — all purposefully designed to melt within a 5-day period by the extreme heat. Each sculpture melts to reveal a secret message such as “More Heat, Less Beaches”.