New Abbe Pierre Foundation Campaign: «Ensemble»

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It’s within a particular context that the Abbé Pierre Foundation, a French charity devoted to helping the homeless, is speaking out at the end of this year. The health crisis has not only weakened those on the streets, but also many people in already precarious situations (seasonal workers, unemployed youth, workers, etc.). It is estimated that this crisis has pushed a million people in France into poverty.

The French showed tremendous generosity and solidarity during the first quarantine, but what will happen with the economic crisis, when they too will have to tighten their belts?

That’s why this year the Abbé Pierre Foundation wanted to appeal to French generosity with a message of hope on the theme of solidarity.

Rather than rebuke or pointing fingers, the French foundation has chosen, with its agency Altmann+Pacreau, to send a message that recalls the strength of a community. “Alone, we can help. Together, we can save, that’s is the signature in the new campaign (film, online, digital), which shows that the small daily gestures of each individual allow homeless people to survive, but that they need all of us to live again.

The campaign takes the form of a short two minute film, entrusted to the experts of the 7th Art: director Éric Lartigau (The Aries Family, The Man Who Wanted to Live His Life, etc.) who brings his human and optimistic outlook to the film and Guillaume Schiffman (The Artist, The Infidels or The Head held High) as director of photography. Music is by noted French singer-songwriter Francis Cabrel.

The film launches Nov. 16th online and on TV and is accompanied by an outdoor campaign by photographer Cédric Delsaux.


  • Brand : Fondation abbé Pierre
  • Brand Managers : Yves Colin – Djihane Merhab Nadi
  • Agencu : Altmann+Pacreau
  • ECD : Olivier Altmann
  • AD : Fabien Nunez
  • Copywriter: Emmanuel De Dieuleveult
  • Assistant AD : Gabrielle Cooper-Weisz
  • Agency management : Edouard Pacreau – Aurore Duhamel – Clément Bouhana
  • Strategic Planning : Céline Chouéri
  • TV production : Jessica Piergiovanni
  • Réalisateur : Éric Lartigau
  • Production : Birth Production
  • Producer : Arthur Emorine
  • Sound Production : La Maison de Production
  • Art Buying : Marie Ferrara
  • Photography : Cédric Delsaux

Eric Lartigau is a French film director based in Paris. Born in 1964, Eric Lartigau started out working alongside noted directors like Molinaro, Diane Kurys and Emir Kusturica, before making a name for himself on the small screen directing series for Canal+ and the French cult classic “Guignols de l’Info”, a French satirical newsprogram hosted by puppets. He then moved onto the big screen with his first feature film, « Mais qui a tué Pamela Rose in 2003 » which led to a sequel, « Un ticket Pour l’Espace ». In 2006 he directed another comedy, “Prête-moi ta Main”, with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Alain Chabat and in 2010, Eric released his first thriller “L’Homme Qui Voulait Vivre Sa Vie”. He recently returned to comedy with “La Famille Bélier”, which follows the adventures of a young girl born into a family of deaf people, and which was nominated for multiple Cesars, including Best Picture.

Created in 1987 and recognized as being of public utility on February 11, 1992, the Fondation Abbé Pierre is a member of the Comité de la Charte du Don en Confiance. It acts to enable all underprivileged people to have access to decent housing and a dignified life. Faithful to the spirit of Abbé Pierre, the Abbé Pierre Foundation continues its fight : Fighting so that everyone may have a roof over their heads and a dignified life, by welcoming and guiding people in difficulty unconditionally, rising up against all forms of injustice and discrimination in housing, by participating in public debate, constantly reminding those who govern us of their responsibilities in legislative, economic and social terms.