Flying Tiger Copenhagen and MUJI deploy App Clips in conjunction MishiPay’s mobile ‘self-checkout’ solution

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Leading retailers Flying Tiger Copenhagen and MUJI announced the launch of App Clips alongside MishiPay’s mobile self-checkout solution. MishiPay’s ‘Scan & Go’ technology enables in-store shoppers to use their own phone to scan and pay for their shopping, eliminating the need for them to waste time waiting in line at a checkout. Now, in order to create an even more streamlined consumer experience, Flying Tiger Copenhagen and MUJI have partnered with MishiPay to become amongst the first retailers in Europe to bring App Clips (require iOS 14.3 or late) with Apple Pay to iPhone customers.

Customers in MUJI stores in the UK, and selected Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores across Denmark and Sweden can now use App Clips to launch MishiPay.

App Clips are a way for iPhone users to quickly access and experience a small part of an app and App Clips Codes are visually distinct codes that users can tap or scan to quickly access the experience. Each App Clip Code is encoded with a URL and can support NFC tagging.

When shopping in-store, holding the iPhone near the App Clips Code in-store launches the MishiPay App Clip which enables a customer to checkout with Apple Pay without the need to download the full app – perfect for shoppers who are in a hurry. If a customer already has the MishiPay app installed on their device, they can hold their iPhone next to the App Clip Code to immediately launch the app, enabling them to scan items and checkout at ‘warp speed’.

The global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of mobile-based checkout solutions. By eliminating the need for shoppers to touch any in-store hardware and simultaneously avoid needing to wait in any lines in the store, MishiPay’s innovative mobile self-checkout system can help to keep both shoppers and staff safer. Deploying App Clips enables even quicker user adoption, eliminating the need to wait for the app to download.

Mustafa Khanwala, MishiPay’s Founder & CEO, said:

“MishiPay has started a High Street revolution and with App Clips, Apple is facilitating easy adoption of our technology so that we can create an exciting and irreversible future for in-store shopping.”

MishiPay brings the best of the online checkout experience to physical stores, giving shoppers the ability to scan and pay for their shopping using their mobile phones. Founded in 2015, MishiPay has grown quickly and now serves its Scan & Go technology to some of the largest retailers in the world, deployed in 100s of stores, across 14 countries.

Thanks to the skills of their technical team and their carefully curated list of partners, MishiPay are able to integrate quickly and cost-effectively into retailers’ existing systems without the need for any additional hardware, making it possible for both shops and shoppers to benefit from the best of the online and in-store worlds.