Game On Mid Sweden’s first gaming and digital creative hub ready to make its mark

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Game On Mid Sweden officially launches following a major investment from the EU, Region Västernorrland, Näringslivsbolaget Sundsvall, and Kramfors Kommun. Game On is clearly focused on building the games and digital entertainment industry in Västernorrland, Sweden.

Game On’s aims to build the necessary infrastructure that will facilitate the establishment of new jobs, companies, and skill-based education for the games and digital entertainment industry in the region. At the same time, Game On will work to strengthen and elevate the region of Västernorrland and promote the growing number of gaming companies already in the area internationally.

Patty Toledo, project lead for Game ON Mid Sweden. 

“Mid Sweden is the perfect location for a major game hub, it is already organically attracting new companies and people in the gaming industry. The establishment of Game On is perfect timing to capture and build on this interest”

Through collaborations with local and international companies in several areas and the Swedish chapter of IGDA (International Game Developer Association) Game On will develop and strengthen the gaming industry in Västernorrland. The focus is on growth, internationalization, and skill-building, contributing to the renewal and development of the business community and the public sector in Västernorrland.

Patty Toledo

“In 5-10 years, Mid Sweden will have a sustainable and self-sufficient game cluster, rich in new IPs, success stories, and investments. A burgeoning games and creative business environment means growth to the whole region, not only for the games companies. In January 2021, the global gaming sales amounted to 11.6 billion US dollars and games are the only market that grew during the pandemic. With the jobs in games doubling in Sweden in the last 2 years, it is crucial that Mid Sweden takes hold of this opportunity now to grow in this market”

Even though the project is yet in the start-up phase, several exciting and successful events have taken place – where some of the biggest names in the gaming industry have shared their experiences, knowledge, and thoughts about the industry, its history, present, and future, to interested and engaged participants. Together with NTI Gymnasiet, the concept “Game On Talks” has already begun, where five of the top professionals from the industry were invited to share knowledge on topics such as the evolution of the industry, success factors, Human Resources, and Venture Capital. 

The first talk, in collaboration with IGDA Sweden, featured Jane McGonigal, a game designer, Ph.D., and author who shared experiences and thoughts about how games can affect our future and how we can learn from them. Many more exciting and interesting events are planned, featuring industry experts who can help and inspire those who want to get a first insight and relation to the industry. These events also present excellent opportunities to network and broaden contacts. pandemic prevents physical events and the usual way of making contacts. 

Collaborations with people and companies outside Sweden’s borders are also planned to help not only the gaming companies themselves to reach international heights, but also to introduce the region itself to the World’s stage. The goal is to put Västernorrland on the map and make it an internationally renowned creative centre of excellence that is leading Europe’s rapidly growing games industry.