Swedish entrepreneur empowers readers to embrace vulnerability, and reclaim their life

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Thomas Anderson’s ‘The Vulnerable Man: Break your patterns. Master your emotions. Reclaim your life’ is a raw, heartfelt and highly actionable book – inviting readers to walk alongside the author as his life began to crumble as a “Highly Sensitive Person”. Anderson was on top of his game as an entrepreneur, but secretly struggling due to taking on others’ problems, supressing his own emotions and doing anything to be the brave face of his family. But after a startling awakening and reconnection with his inner-self, Anderson radically changed his life and began to live on his own terms. In this new book, readers can do the same.

After learning he was a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Anderson not only began to embrace being vulnerable, but he changed every facet of his life to affect huge paradigm change. In his new book, he shows anyone how to follow suit – and finally start living their best life.

“In this book, I lay my life, my diary entries and my inner thoughts bare,” explains the author. “I want to take people on a journey of one man’s vulnerability, so they can understand what it is, and how embracing it is actually a sign of strength. There’s so much work that goes into changing yourself and overcoming doubts, but it’s more than possible. I am proof. Believe me, I was once in a place so dark and destructive, that I didn’t think I’d ever recover.”

Continuing, “There’s millions of Highly Sensitive People in the world, but most (like me, at one time) just don’t know it. But there are tools out there to help you build strength and avoid the burnout trap that you’ll be so familiar with. Buy my book, take a trip through my life and learn how we can all work together to change working cultures, mental health stigma and find the inner peace we all crave.”

Reviews have been extremely positive. Blue Ink Review writes, “At book’s end, Anderson offers a useful self-reflection workbook with headings such as “Discerning Patterns,” “Vulnerability,” and “Reclaiming Your Life.” He includes lists of questions readers can work on solo or with a group, and for further study, he provides a list of books…Anderson’s candidness is highly relatable, and following even a few of his suggestions can make for positive change.”

Foreword Clarion Reviews adds “Intimate and informal, The Vulnerable Man is an inviting book that encourages the healthy confrontation of emotions.”

‘The Vulnerable Man: Break your patterns. Master your emotions. Reclaim your life’ is available for pre-order in English on Amazon.

Thomas Anderson is a Swedish entrepreneur, experienced leader, change manager, and life coach. In the middle of life, he was successful at work and had a family, a nice house, and a rich social life—everything looked good on the outside, and he should have been happy. But on the inside he was in a dark place, a whirlpool of self-doubt, stress, anxiety, and feelings of worthlessness. He was trapped in an emotional prison and self-sabotaging behavior. He still managed to be there for everyone else, in his relationship, with the children, at work—but he didn’t know how to be there for himself, and he was now on the brink of burnout.