Tailent’s intelligent software robots team up with Visa to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses online

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Intelligent software robots developed by Tailent, the Romanian company known for business efficiency solutions based on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology, are teaming up with payment technology company Visa in the “Marile Afaceri Mici” (Big small businesses) initiative, in order to bring digitalization solutions closer to startups and small and medium-sized companies in Romania. This way, Tailent supports Romanian entrepreneurs in developing and automating their business, in the process of setting up and increasing their digital presence, as well as in transferring the essential elements of the business online.

Visa’s recently launched the “Big small businesses” platform is designed for entrepreneurs who need relevant information and solutions to help them adapt to the current economic context, accelerating growth in the new normal that has increased the need for digitalization and digital experiences. Through the platform, entrepreneurs have at hand, in an easy process, useful digital tools and services that can be integrated into all areas of their business.

The Tailent intelligent software robots are now available in the Visa platform. Tailent aims to contribute to the growth of the entrepreneurial environment in Romania by democratizing access to cutting-edge technologies that support entrepreneurs to focus on their business idea, leaving repetitive activities to the intelligent software robots and Robotic Process Automation technology.

Mario Popescu, Tailent CEO

„The pandemic has accelerated the trends already visible for some years regarding digitalization and process automation. We are all moving towards a digital future in which intelligent software robots will play an increasing role, helping people make better use of knowledge and skills that cannot be replaced by technology. Startups, while more agile and flexible, have not been completely unaffected by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and their need for digitalization solutions is greater than ever. Our strategic decision to partner with Visa is helping accelerate digitalization where it is most needed”

Tailent solutions bring convenient and affordable RPA technologies closer to companies, providing unprecedented flexibility, performance and scalability in the development and use of intelligent software robots. Tailent robots can be easily trained for immediate use in any company, regardless of size or industry, and are ready to work alongside existing teams, eliminating repetitive processes and empowering people to use their skills and creativity in more relevant, high-impact growth strategy activities. Through the partnership with Visa, Tailent solutions can be accessed directly on the “Marile Afaceri Mici” platform.

Tailent is in a process of accelerated expansion and seeks to consolidate its partner network in Romania and worldwide, in markets in Europe, Central and South America, USA and Asia, through which Robotic Process Automation technology can help as many companies as possible. The robots developed based on Tailent’s technologies are already successfully used by medium and large companies, in industries such as hospitality, professional services, manufacturing, but also local public institutions.

Tailent is a Romanian startup founded in Bucharest. The company is developing cutting-edge automation technologies (RPA) that change the way people work and do business by helping companies achieve their automation goals. Tailent offers an alternative which is closer to the clients’ expectations, making automation immediately accessible and affordable to anyone by introducing the Tailent Automation Platform (TAP).