2Performant: 5.5M Euro turnover in Romania in 2021

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The technology company 2Performant, the leader of the affiliate marketing market in Romania has reported 25.7M RON (5.5 M Euro) in turnover for 2021, up 27% compared to 2020 and over the initial forecast. Last year, 2Performant generated over 1% of the Romanian e-commerce market, brokering sales for the online stores operating on its affiliate marketing platform amounting to 73.1M euros out of a total of 6.5BN euros, as estimated by GPeC for the Romanian e-commerce market.

The company is maintaining a steady growth rate and is reporting financial results in line with the revenue and expenditure budget undertaken at the beginning of last year. Thus, the operating revenues, calculated by eliminating the commissions that 2Performant pays to its platform affiliates, have registered a 26% increase compared to 2020, amounting to 6.9M RON.

Dorin Boerescu, 2Performant CEO:

“We have ended the year 2021 with financial results confirming that we can grow at a faster pace than the Romanian e-commerce market, which had an estimated growth of about 15% last year. We have achieved this through operational excellence, consulting with top users, data analysis, the business support department created last year, financial support for valuable affiliate projects, marketing within the user ecosystem, and overall improvements to internal processes. We have achieved all this in parallel with the development of our foreign markets’ expansion approach and with our first year as an issuer on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. This is the basis for even faster growth in 2022, along with the acquisition of new users, both online stores and affiliates.”

The company’s affiliate marketing product revenues from the Romanian market have increased by 28% compared to 2020, reaching over 22.6M RON, while revenues from foreign markets have increased by 33%. At the same time, the company has registered a 51% increase in pre-paid revenues compared to the previous year, to 12.2M RON. Postpaid revenues went up to 13.3M RON, by 13% compared to 2020.

As a result of investments made in 2021 for partnerships with international players, consolidation, and growth in the local market, but also the development of a new technical solution for conversion attribution, the company has recorded a loss of 699,000 RON last year, below the loss forecast in the income and expenditure budget.

The indicators of liquidity, cash position, and gearing ratio registered extremely good values in 2021, also due to the investment of over 5M RON attracted by the company through a capital increase against cash contribution conducted on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The second half of 2021 brought significant growth for the company, as that period is traditionally very auspicious for online sales, with the most important discount campaigns taking place at that time. Thus, in the second half of last year, 2Performant registered over 14.9M RON turnover, up 36% compared to H2 2020, and a profit of 457,000 ROM.

Last year, 2Performant brokered no fewer than 1.39M sales worth 73.1M Euro for online stores on its platform, 44.4% more than the previous year. In 2021, the in-house-developed 2Performant.com platform, through which digital marketing professionals collaborate with online stores, garnered 68.7 million clicks, 23% more than the previous year, 5.7 million monthly clicks on average sent to online stores.

Conceived as a technology-based marketplace where online stores collaborate with digital marketers on a cost-per-sale basis, 2Performant has proven its relevance as a sales tool for both user categories. Thus, in 2021, 3,440 affiliates have registered 4.65 million euros in commissions, a 36.6% increase compared to the previous year. The sales index grew by 5.7% reaching 15.71 euros, which means that for every euro invested in affiliate marketing an online store on the 2Performant.com platform got close to 16 euros. The conversion rate is 2%.

2Performant’s preliminary financial results are available here.