Jerry’s Pizza celebrates 25 years in Romania

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Jerry’s Pizza, Romanian player on delivery and take away sector, celebrates 25 years of presence since it first open on Romanian market.

During its 25 years, Jerry’s had an accumulated business turnover of over Euro 130M and invested cca Euro 15M in 24 chain stores, from which 18 in Bucharest, 2 in Ploiesti, and one each in Constanta, Brasov, Pitesti and Craiova. During the same period, the company contributed with over Euro 30M to the state budget.

At its launch, Jerry’s Pizza introduced on Romanian market the concept of “pizza home delivery”. Over time, the company had 1.5M clients to which it delivered over 30M pizzas and has a team of 700 employees.

Jerry Dauteuil, General Manager Jerry’s Pizza

Jerry Dauteuil, General Manager Jerry’s Pizza

In 1997, when I decided to open Jerry’s Pizza, the pizza options in Bucharest were fairly limited and pizza delivery service was non-existent. Jerry’s Pizza changed the rules of the game. We introduced a service that did not existed on the market, the home delivery, but we also came with a new product, an American style pizza, with New York Style crust, special pizza sauce, real mozzarella and toppings at choice. Topping and delivery were also new terms back then. If our menu included initially only a few product, now it is more diversified: 25 types of pizza, the customizable option and other 8 categories of complementary products.

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