McDonald’s and DDB Romania pass the time with more of what you like: Triple McPuișor, Triple Cheeseburger and Double Filet-o-Fish in limited edition

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McDonald’s is launching three versions of its most loved burgers: Triple McPuisor, Triple Cheeseburger and Double Filet-o-Fish for the fall period. These iconic burgers in double and triple respectively came as an answer to the need for added value at a time when the routine of McDonald’s fans is changing.

Autumn brings melancholy to our lives, but also pressures consumers to resume activities such as returning to work and school. In the middle of this tension, burgers in double and triple version are now ready to provide the breather break, but also the energy that people need.

McDonald’s is a restaurant that constantly innovates the products in its portfolio, does not forget what it is loved for and now welcomes its fans with Triple McPuisor, Triple Cheeseburger and Double Filet-o-Fish.

“Triple Cheeseburger, triple McPuisor and double Filet-o-Fish – that’s what we call an exceptional trio. At McDonald’s we have learned over time that our customers’ interest is always maintained by product innovation. But we also know that, beyond any new combination of tastes, the classics are the ones we all always return to. The unmistakable taste of McDonald’s cannot be defined in words, but everyone knows exactly what it means. And it is certainly the taste that keeps our customers coming back to the restaurants. And because we want to reward their love for our products and give them real value, this fall we’re bringing their favorite tastes to XL format – offering larger versions of some of our best-loved products and extended moments of joy.”Irina Angelescu, Marketing Director, Premier Restaurants Romania.

Between 16.09 and 10.11, McDonald’s fans will find available the three iconic burgers that have enshrined the restaurant in the hearts of Romanians in a limited edition for a prolonged experience with the unmistakable taste of McDonald’s. A period marked by a new integrated image campaign (TV, online, OOH, in-store) different in the advertising mold and in the category, created by the brand’s long-term partner, the creative agency DDB Romania.

“When it comes to McDonald’s fans, as excited as they are when they get their burgers, they’re just as sad when they finish them too quickly. Inspired by a global execution, our effort was concentrated in crafting the spot and around anchoring the campaign in Romanian culture. And who better to play it authentically and with a tasteful humor than the actor Mihai Bobonete? With a long relationship with McDonald’s, he is among the fans of the products who can understand the insight from which we started and is the most suitable person to convey the desired message,” said Roxana Niță, Creative Director of DDB Romania.

“McDonald’s is one of the most loved brands in Romania, but great love comes with great responsibility. The paradox lies in the fans’ expectation for innovation in the product, but also the expectation that they will love it before even trying it. That is why, now we have chosen to create a similar campaign, making use of entertainment and pop culture. It’s anchored in the same thought – it’s a new variant, but you know you already love it,” said Georgiana Nica, Strategic Planner DDB Romania.

The right note and the necessary accents, part of the same effort to anchor in the local culture, was also the song chosen in the campaign, none other than Paula Selling’s hit, the song “Time”. One of the most loved Romanian singers by the Millennials, along with the iconic McDonald’s burgers, also real hits.

They made the right pair this time too:

McDonald’s Romania team:

Marketing Director: Irina Angelescu

Marketing Manager: George Romanescu

Digital Marketing Manager: Cosmina Ţapliuc

Communications Manager: Elena Goți

DDB Romania team:

Creative Director: Roxana Niță

Senior Art Director: Teodor Minea

Senior Copywriter: Alexandra Jitărel

Graphic Designer: Sorin Ispas

Strategy Director: Ioana Dobrinescu

Strategic Planner: Georgiana Nica

Account Director: Georgiana Rotaru

Senior Account Manager: Carmen Răduță