Romanian Lowe Group launched Path, specialized data analysis & interpretation unit for group’s agencies’ clients

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In response to the need for businesses to quickly adapt to the speed at which the consumer behavior changes, Lowe Group Romania launches Path, the unit specialized in analyzing and interpreting data with strategic impact for the group’s clients.

Path is led by Roxana Bleoaja, a specialist with over 15 years of expertise in market research and insight analysis, and includes an interdisciplinary team of strategy and data analysis specialists with experience on brands and campaigns covering multiple industries. The Path development brings data to the center of the group’s agencies product: MullenLowe (integrated marketing communications agency), Initiative (media), Golin (public relations) and Medic One (medical and pharmaceutical communication), identifying insights from consumer reality.

The unit integrates an extensive suite of local and international tools and data sources, available across the Lowe Group’s agencies network, addressing all communication disciplines, from creative to media, from digital to PR, including the product development area.

Veronica Savanciuc, President and CEO of Lowe Group.

“A strong understanding of the consumer, supported by data, is indispensable for any winning business strategy. Data is the new oil because, like the latter, in its raw state it does not bring value. When quickly collected, analyzed and interpreted, then significant insights are extracted for each audience or industry category, the value that returns to business is invaluable. Properly refined, data is a decision-making tool and this is exactly what Lowe Group aims to do by developing Path: support the communication and product strategies of the group’s clients”

By generating insights, Path is the partner of the agencies in the group in their efforts to support their clients in achieving their business goals. Path does this through analytics, both on-demand and proactive, but also by developing proprietary products to derive insights with strategic impact.

Roxana Bleoaja, Head of Path, Lowe Group.

“With Path we will give meaning to the figures, otherwise they remain a bunch of cumbersome information.  This meaning that we are looking for lies at the intersection of many disciplines, from technology to art, from market research to product development and corporate communication. Path connects these threads and generates insights that bring value to customers, audiences, and often to communities. Benefits for the customer include better decisions, revenue opportunities, competitive advantages, customer loyalty – for consumers, better products and services – and for communities, sustainable development,”

Path has access to all of the group’s tools and data sources, digital platforms for web and social, to standard resources for understanding the consumer as well as proprietary studies developed either in the IPG network or locally. Path can perform econometric analysis to accurately measure the effects of communication and optimize budget allocation. Last but not least, it integrates work processes adapted to the specifics of each agency enriched by the international experience of the network they are part of.