Hennessy launched globally Life is the Greatest Odyssey campaign

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Hennessy launched globally Life is the Greatest Odyssey campaign, a poignant visual experience directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Damien Chazelle. This marks the third installment of the Maison’s Odyssey opus following successful collaborations with iconic directors Sir Ridley Scott (2019) and Nicolas Winding Refn (2016).

Inspired by the idea that Each drop of Hennessy X.O is an Odyssey, the director of Whiplash, La La Land, First Man, and Babylon contemplates how the smallest of moments can trigger a disruptive Odyssey of thoughts and memories. The film is scored by Chazelle’s long-time collaborator and Academy Award winner composer Justin Hurwitz.

Juxtaposing space and time, Damien Chazelle introduces the story of a musician who finds himself swept away by his life’s memories in a whirlwind adventure where places, people, sound, music, and emotions coalesce over the span of one sip of Hennessy X.O cognac. In his characteristic cinematic signature, the director ends the piece on a note of gratitude and hopefulness, prompting viewers to look inward and reflect on their own lives.

“The film centers around the idea that the most fleeting of emotions can trigger an odyssey wherein childhood, early adulthood, and the future overlap,” said Damien Chazelle, film director, screenwriter, and producer. “With Hennessy X.O I looked into one person’s memories while leaving the audience to complete the picture.” 

Prior to shooting the film in Prague, Damien Chazelle visited Hennessy’s Cognac cellars. An inspiring prelude that encouraged the decorated director to draw clear parallels between Hennessy’s artisanal methods and the art of filmmaking.

“In his epic Odyssey, Damien Chazelle delicately infuses each element of the film with the craftsmanship and timelessness of cognac-making,” said Laurent Boillot, President and CEO at Hennessy. “A French-American storyteller with a gift for rendering larger than life emotions on the screen, Chazelle is the ideal partner to encapsulate the greatness that lies in each single drop of Hennessy X.O cognac.”

“Life is the greatest Odyssey is the result of 3 years of work and the latest chapter of the Odyssey saga. 

It’s an homage to the greatness of a human life. In a way, X.O takes the form of Proust’s madeleine, taking us on a multi-sensorial journey through the past, present and future,” said Alexander Kalchev, CCO at DDB Paris. “Telling this story took hundreds of extras, hand-made sets designed by the wonderful Florencia Martin and the poetic beauty of Damien Chazelle’s delicate direction. It’s been an honor and privilege to work on this film and continue building the Hennessy X.O brand.”

Hennessy X.O’s cinematic series explores cognac’s seven tasting notes through different directors’ styles, visually articulating the complexity of the original extra old cognac through an epic Odyssey.

Campaign Credits 

  • ‘Life Is the Greatest Odyssey’ print and video campaign for Hennessy. 

Hennessy Maison: 

  • Hennessy Global CMO: Julie Nollet  
  • Hennessy X.O Brand Director: Emmy Aoun Gestin 


  • Director: Damien Chazelle 
  • Executive Producers: Rebecca Skinner & Greg Panteix 
  • Producers: William Green & Bertille Muguet 
  • DOP: Linus Sandgren 
  • 1st AD: Michael Kahn 
  • Production Designer: Florencia Martin
  • Costume designer: Emmanuelle Youchnovksi  
  • Make-up: Arturo Balseiro Santos 
  • Photographers: Christopher Anderson & Romain Laprade  
  • Behind the scenes pictures and movie: Jacqueline de Gorter 

Production co: UNIT+SOFA 

  • Executive Producer: Filip Hedjuk 
  • Line Producer: Tereza Kalova 
  • Local Production designer: Henri Boraros  

Post Production: The Mill 

  • Executive Creative Director: Franck Lambertz
  • Head of executive: Lionel Juglair 
  • Post producer: Bastien Adam
  • Editor director’s cut: Shane Reid 
  • Editor: Sophie Reine 
  • Color grading: Matt Wallach @ Company3

Music Production: 

  • Music composer: Justin Hurwitz 
  • Sound production company: Justin Hurwitz & Barking Owl

Agency: DDB Paris  

  • Chief creative officer: Alexander Kalchev  
  • Creative directors: Alexis Benbehe & Pierre Mathonat  
  • Art directors: Mathieu Masse, Perrine Tixier, Charline Boisdon  
  • Producer & Art Buyer: Quentin Moenne-Loccoz 
  • Post producer: Jerôme Deplatière  
  • Managing director: Xavier Mendiola 
  • Business director: Meryl Martin  
  • Account director: Floriane Portaspana 
  • Account executive: Marie Melet & Clarisse Comte