MGID Becomes IAB Romania Member to Drive Digital Advertising Innovation In The Market

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MGID, a global advertising platform, has announced its membership in IAB Romania, an advertising business organization that develops industry standards, conducts research and provides legal support for the online advertising industry. Through collaboration with other players in Romania, MGID aims to implement new standards and change the industry for the better. With our shared expertise, we look forward to creating a promising future for the digital advertising market.

As a member of IAB, the company aims to promote transparency, privacy-first policies and compliance with regulations in order to create a level playing field for all parties involved in the digital advertising ecosystem and build trust and confidence among consumers, advertisers and publishers.

“IAB Romania does important work in the market, and we are delighted to become its member,” commented MGID CEO Sergii Denysenko. “MGID’s mission is to empower brands and publishers to work together transparently to create a great consumer experience that drives campaign results and monetization. Through our privacy-first targeting technology, we are focused on helping brands to deliver relevant, high-quality digital advertising campaigns that are not only safe but also effective.”

About MGID

MGID is a global advertising platform helping brands reach unique local audiences at scale. It uses privacy-first, AI-based technology to serve high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe environments. The company offers a variety of ad formats, including native, display and video to deliver a positive user experience. This enables advertisers to drive performance and awareness and publishers to retain and monetize their audiences. Every month, MGID reaches 900 million unique readers, with 200 billion ad impressions, across 25 thousand trusted publishers.

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