Delsey Paris and Fred & Farid New York to Unveil “Eternal Sunrise”: A Unique Social Media Performance

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Delsey Paris, Europe’s leading premium luggage brand and the world’s third-largest premium luggage brand, introduces “Eternal Sunrise”, an unprecedented Instagram activation: a 24-hour story tracking sunrises around the world!

Delsey Paris connects and unites influencers and audiences globally with this fresh and unique social media concept. On 5 November 2023, 24 influencers, each located in different time zones, sequentially shared a sunrise accompanied by an iconic piece of the brand’s luggage.

A powerful symbol and integral to Delsey Paris’s visual identity, the rising sun embodies hope and renewal, while its vibrant yellow colors radiate positivity and optimism.

This initiative also highlights one of the brand’s core values: freedom. These 24 stories represent escape and the possibility to travel freely and explore the world.

Following a 2023 brand campaign executed with Fred & Farid Paris, the French luggage and accessories brand collaborates with Fred & Farid New York to orchestrate an activation, leveraging the connection of social media in an unparalleled performance.

By leveraging the perspectives and photography of 24 influencers (both macro & micro) across the world to craft a unique 24-hour sunrise, Delsey Paris aims to capture the attention of a new generation of travelers seeking freedom, authenticity, and exploration, once again showcasing the brand’s innovative, its captivating spirit, and the wonder of travel.

Miriam Hendel, Director of Marketing and Digital said, 

“This ‘Eternal Sunrise’ concept stemmed from DELSEY PARIS’s desire to create a novel experience that connects various communities through the symbol of the rising sun, synonymous with escape and perpetual renewal, and deeply rooted in our brand identity. FRED & FARID New York truly grasped our vision. The agency’s agility and deep understanding of digital communities allowed us to offer the public a one-of-a-kind 24-hour sunrise.”

FRED & FARID New York agency commented, 

“24 influencers, 24 distinct destinations, 24 time zones for one unique moment: the sunrise. We were all passionately driven to rise to the challenge of celebrating, through diverse cultures, the universality of travel that Delsey embodies. It’s a live branding exercise on social media that, by its originality, offers us a sunny respite amidst the constant stream of signals we face daily. ‘Eternal Sunrise’ is an invitation to celebrate beauty and global connectedness.”

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