Societe Generale inaugurated a new brand platform, “The future is you”

A year on from the launch of the Transform to Grow strategic plan, Societe Generale is inaugurating a new brand platform. Driven by the engaging promise “The future is you”, this signature marks the bank’s sustainable growth ambitions serving customers, the economy and society.

This signature reaffirms Societe Generale’s historical commitment – established 150 years ago by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs – to serving its customers.

Our new signature takes us into the future: the one we want for our customers, helping them to build their own destinies; the one we want for ourselves, acting individually and collectively to build the future of our business; the one we want to build tomorrow’s world. Our mission is to empower each and every one who wants to positively impact the future. With positive energy, everyone can act to move the world forward. This is the confident and optimistic message we are sending

Frédéric Oudéa,

Chief Executive Officer Societe Generale Group

Societe Generale is committed to fulfilling this mission with humility, responsibility and trust – trust in its customers and trust in the future. The bank aims to convey its open view of the world. Present in 67 countries, the Bank has a unique geographical position that makes it a hub for Europe, Africa and Russia. It is also an innovative company engaged in a digital transformation that is redefining relations with its customers and the way its employees collaborate.

This new brand signature is being deployed worldwide in all the Group’s businesses and subsidiaries. “The future is you” looks ahead with determination and optimism taking an open and proactive view, motivating the 147,000 employees who are the trusted partners for entrepreneurs that want to make a positive impact on the world.

The new brand platform is supported by a media plan, both in France and internationally, that kicks off on 14 November 2018:

  • a launch film for television directed by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet with music by Rone
  • a dedicated website to share the views of Societe Generale’s partners, customers and employees
  • a campaign of proofs appearing in influential national media and in the regional press, posters in the bank’s branches, in towns and on public transport.

Societe Generale has been accompanied by the Havas 04 agency for the communication strategy, by Brand Image in relation to establishing the brand territory (graphic and digital charter, visual identity) and by Carat for the deployment of the media strategy.

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