Young Europeans, not so crazy after new tech

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Young Europeans aren’t that hyped in acquiring new technologies as one might think, according to a pan-European study by  Synovate, made among young people aged 18-24 y.o.

According to the study, only 11% said they buy new gadgets right after the launch, while 50% are waiting to see other people’s reactions before paying for tech novelties.

The study showed the radio continues to be very popular among youth, with a third of them saying they get new music from the radio; 25% said they listen online music and 14% gave TV as source for their music.

The most popular device to listen music is, in Europe, the computer (81%), with another 20% saying they listen music on their mobile phones.

Music downloads (a practice for 41% of young people) surpassed acquisitions in stores (33%), while less and less people attend concerts and festivals.