Thursday news and stuff

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing

Much to do and some news today. Among them:

 – BRAT started the pitch to select a new company to measure the newspaper’s circulation in 2009-2010 and announced the start of the project to monitor the online advertising budgets.

 -Over 71 BN Americans watched on TV the USA presidential election

 -Romanians own fridges and washing machines older than five years – here i can add that the washing machine in my rented apartment is from 1984…so waaaay more than five years

 -Johnnie Walker launched a special collection bottle to celebrate 100 years since the appearance of The Striding Man – an information that i didn’t received from the “source” (although that source sends me all sorts of information that sound like describing a product on shelf) because i suppose the “source” didn’t consider interesting some release regarding packaging design and brand promotion.

 -NCN TV station from Cluj re-branded, in a 700.000 euro process, adopting the slogan “We know everything” launched a blog

 -ZeList launched Blogosphere’s Barometer for October, that includes also the top of the most mentioned Romanian brands on blogs

 That’s all, folks