Varta Romania launches an online communication campaign, targeted to the male community

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Varta Batteries is launching, this summer, a communication campaign that will run exclusively online. The campaign, that runs under “Charge your batteries with Varta”, is running from June till August and targets the male community in Romania.

Considering today “the head of the family” has to confront the financial problems generated by the economical crisis, the family’s problems and the stress of keeping his job, Varta is trying to offer men those resources needed to regain energy and the force to start all over again every day.

During the campaign, men will have the possibility to keep themselves in touch with the newest information from the domains they are interested in, being motivated also by online contests, ebergizing prizes and activations on Facebook and Twitter accounts and the blog – – created for this campaign.

In the start of the campaign, from June 14th to June 28th, three known bloggers – Cristian Manafu, Cabral and Zoso – will help Varta to launch “Charge your batteries” contest, offering as prize the most wanted gadget of the moment, an Apple iPad, but also another attractive prizes such as skydiving, a flight with the plane or Varta products.

The contest’s mechanism integrates the most important channels of social media (blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and has its own hashtag on Twitter, #incarcatibateriile.

Varta is a german brand of batteries and activates in over 30 countries in the entire world. Varta is distributed all over the world by the most important 25 retailers.