Romanian Tourism minister: Romania’s touristic brand will be launched on July 29th, in Shanghai

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Elena Udrea, Romanian Tourism and Development minister, said, on Friday, that Romanian touristic brand will be launched on July 29th, at the World Exhibition in Shanghai, during Romania’s Day.

According to Udrea, the launch of the touristic brand will take place, the same day, in Romania.

“It is Romania’s brand for the external market”, Udrea said, in order to explain why the launch will take place in Shanghai.

She also said the brand puts accent on nature and natural beauty of Romania.

On June 20th, the minister said that Romanian tourism brand will focus on country’s natural environment, that westerners consider as “untouched” by men.

The pitch for Romanian tourism brand was won by the association THR – Asesores en Turismo, Hoteleria y Recreacion SA – Taylor Nelson Sofres. The selection criteria was “the lowest price”.

At that pitch there were present many companies known for their activity in branding sector and results obtained in time, Saffron Brand Consultants SA – Brandient Consult SRL – Acacia Avenue Limited and TBWA Bucureşti SRL – SC GFK România reaching till the end stage of the pitch.

THR – Asesores en Turismo, Hoteleria y Recreacion SA – Taylor Nelson Sofres won the Romanian tourism brand account with a offer of Euro 894,970, the lowest price among those offered by the companies involved in the pitch. The other companies that reached the final stage of the pitch had offers of Euro 1,6M and Euro 0,99M.

At the start of the pitch, there were 13 companies or groups of companies eager to realize Romania’s tourism brand, from which only 3 reached in the final stage of the selection.

Romania is making efforts for quite a few years now to realize a national brand to use for promoting the country abroad. This brand will try both to attract tourists and to give foreigners a correct perspective on the country.


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