Top High Impact Brands in Romania, 2010 edition

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Dacia, Pro TV and Arctic are the three Romanian brands that entered this year’s edition of Top High Impact Brands, a yearly study made by Biz Magazine Romania and Synovate, launched on July 2nd . The study includes the brands with the highest impact on Romanian market. Coca-Cola is the leader of the top, regaining the 1st position after 2 years of Nokia domination. On the other hand, Nokia went on the 2nd position while Mercedes assumed the 3rd position in the top.

The first 10 position are filled also by BMW, Ariel, Audi, Adidas, Volkswagen, Dacia, Jacobs. The brands that are also present in Top 20 are Dove, Samsung, Colgate, L’Oreal, Pro TV, Nike, Opel, Sony, Arctic and Nivea.  Out of the top 20 high impact brands, Colgate, Pro TV, Opel and Arctic weren’t present in last year’s ranking.

According to Synovate’s study, the top 3 Romanian brands with the highest notoriety, both top of mind and spontaneous, are Dacia (car brand), Arctic (home apparels brand) and Ursus (beer). They are followed by BCR (bank), Borsec (mineral water), Dorna (mineral water), Aro (terrain vehicle), Timisoreana (beer), Antena 1 (TV station) and Napolact (dairies).

The economical crisis also affected the brands, but the ones that proved to be the strongest ones during crisis in Romania are Dacia, Coca-Cola and Nokia, followed by BMW, Adidas, Mercedes, BRD, Antena 1, Carrefour and Arctic.

The top 50 brands with the highest notoriety in Romania – mentioned spontaneously – is led by Coca-Cola, Nokia and Adidas. The 4th place is occupied by Pro TV, followed by Mercedes, Dacia, Ariel, Samsung, BMW, Jacobs, Audi, Voklswagen, Nike, Antena 1, Dove, Opel, Sony, Pepsi, Poiana (chocolate brand) and Philips. Next in the top there are Nivea, Borsec (mineral water), Milka, Danone, Arctic, Zara, Colgate, Fanta, Kent, LG, Renault, Ford, L’Oreal, Dorna (mineral water), Panasonic, Whirlpool, Ursus (beer), Zanussi, Avon, Vodafone, Zuzu (milk), BCR (bank), Bosch, Indesit, Prigat (still drink brand), Tide, Timisoreana, Adevarul (Romanian daily newspaper), BRD (bank) and Skoda.

The study includes different segmentations on different criteria. Demographically, Coca Cola is the brand with the highest impact on 18-24 y.o. people and 25-34 y.o. group, thile Ariel is prefered by the 35-44 y.o. group and Nokia by the 45-54 y.o group. The table on age groups is below:

Synovate Romania’s study was presented Friday, during an event organized by Biz Magazine, and is published in the print edition of the magazine.

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