Mediafax launches “Unlimited information” campaign for the 2nd year in the row

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Mediafax launched, on July 15th, “Informaţie fără limite” (“Unlimited information”) campaign, through which mass-media and companies with subscription to at least one informative newsfeed will have extended acces to news and other materials available on and

The campaign runs from July 15th till September 15th and is targeted towards press companies, that have access to Mediafax news via,and towards companies that see the economical info on

For the 2nd year in a row, Mediafax offers to its clients the possibility to use a big amount of information from diverse areas of interest. Last summer’s campaign resulted in increased consumption of news in a period when companies needed them in real time, same as the situation is this year, while the their resources to get them were smaller than before.

“«Unlimited information» is an invitation to the press and other companies to discover and use all our newsfeeds. The economical context is still difficult, as it was for the private companies last year also, when we ran the 1st edition of this campaign. In the same time, clients’ interest towards useful and relevant information for their business is still high. That is why we decided to expand again the access to hundreds of news(…)”, Gabriela Ralea, Publisher Mediafax Mass-Media News, said.

For two months, the press institutions that already have acces on to at least one newsfeed, except the ones for online publishing, will be able to use all the information on the site and will have acces to some 200 archived news. Mediafax is publishing every day around 700 articles and news on its “.biz” platform.

Mediafax is a Romanian news agency, leader on the local market.


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