MediaIQ study: BCR, the Romanian bank most mentioned in local media in the 1st part of the year

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BCR was the most mentioned Romanian banking institution in media, according to a MediaIQ study, realized between January 7th – July 12th 2010 and that monitorized 647 media sources.

With 3,699 apparitions in 183 media sources, BCR (part of the Austrian group Erste Bank) assumed the 1st position in the top, followed by BRD (Societe Generale) – 3,352 mentions in 163 media sources and Raiffeisen – 2,353 articles in 141 media sources and ING Bank – 2,344 articles in 151 sources.

Together, BCR and BRD account for 40% of the media articles related to banking institutions published in Romanian media in the last six months.

In terms of notoriety in Romanian mass-media, the majority of banking brands saw a decline. The most affected of this loss were Alpha Bank (14,6%), Volksbank (14,5%) and  BCR (12,7%). Otherwise said, in the study period, those brands were less present in the Romanian media. On the other hand, a spectacular evolution in terms of notoriety was registred by CEC Bank (26,6%) and Unicredit Tiriac Bank (24%).

The study also ranked the Romanian business publications, realizing a top that used as criteria the number of published banking news. According to this top, the most active publication is Ziarul Financiar (2,761 articles), followed by (1,180), Curierul National (709) and
Financiarul (705).

When writing about banks, the most articles in a generalist publication appeared on Hotnews (643 articles), followed by Romania libera (609) and Evenimentul Zilei (275).

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