• That’s a fancy name for nothing: “Brand Council meeting”
    This whole story get’s on my nerves.
    Seriously now, why things must be done upside down? Instead of debating 1 month and a half before, they rather stick to anatomize leaf after leaf, missing the whole other 95% point of the matter.
    I wonder what other main top story will overrun this, besides of the FMI negotiations.


  • To be honest, I don’t even dare to think about another story to overrun this one. But yea, all the fuss is getting to be a bit too much and pointless. Maybe the solution is to turn and do something. As the head of one of the companies that lost the pitch said, they can always ask the company to modify / change / come with other proposals…Will that help? Who knows? 🙂

    • In that case, the whole Ministry staff will have to overrun their high-mindedness.
      Btw, have they made the dedicated project team public?

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