Michelin and Petrom, together in a promo campaign orchestrated by More Than Pub

Creativity, Marketing

Michelin and Petrom are partners in a promo campaign orchestrated by More Than Pub, that runs under the slogan “Petrom fuels you and Michelin equips you”.

The campaign started on October 25th and will run for 45 days.

During the campaign, anyone that owns a car and adds fuel on it for RON 110 gets a scratch card that offers him the chance to win instant prizes (14,075 vouchers for fuel, 3,723 special keys and other prizes), and also daily draw prizes that consists in a complete set of4 anvelopes for winter from Michelin.

The total value of the prizes is of Euro 124,000.

During the campaign, More Than Pub handled the concept, the creation part, the promo production, the distribution of the materials at POS, media buying activities and will also get in touch with the winners in order to validate their data in order to give them the prizes.

The campaign is promoted through a radio ad, that will be broadcasted 400 times on Europa FM and Radio 21, and also through POS materials in all Petrom gas stations