Top Romanian personal brands in business, at ZileleBiz

Branding, Marketing

ZileleBiz, a week of events organized by Biz magazine, started on Monday, by launching the top of the most known personal brands in business in Romania. According to, the top was realized following a market study realized by Unlock Market Research.

The first 10 position of the top are occupied by a mix of business people that managed to promote themselves enough during the last period of time as to be in people’s minds, and new businessmen, young and active, that are characterized through being dynamic and visible.

The 1st place in top is occupied by Silviu Prigoana, politician and business man, known for his business companies but also for his controversial legislative proposals. He is followed by Dan Voiculescu, that owns a media company and has also other businesses, but is also a politician, the fashion designer Irina Schrotter, Viorel Catarama and Dan Sucu

Other businessmen present in the top are Marius Ghenea, Ion Tiriac, Adrian Porumboiu, Ionut and Robert Negoita, Elan Schwartzenberg and others.

Unlock Market Research also made a top 10 in terms of performances, with the following configuration: Ion Tiriac, Silviu Prigoana, Dan Voiculescu, Dinu Patriciu, Irina Schrotter, Adrian Sarbu, Elan Schwartzenberg, Adrian Porumboiu, Viorel Catarama and George Copos.


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