A Romanian branding book, to be launched at Gaudeamus Book Fair

Branding, Media, PR

“Branding on the Eastern Front”, a book written by Aneta Bogdan (Brandient), will be launched during Gaudeamus Book Fair, on Saturday, November 20th.

The book shares Bogdan’s experience on reputation, an experience she gathered in almost 20 years of doing marketing, communication and branding.

“Our live would be more lucrative and, meanwhile, more fulfilled and aspirational if we would understand that, same as occidental brands reached us faster than Occident entered our lives, in the same way the Romanian brands are the ones that will announce the Occident out alignment to the rest of the world, hopefully sooner than later”, Aneta Bogdan said, according to an announcement regarding the launch of the book posted on company’s Facebook page.

The introduction of the book is signed by Wally Olins, “father of the modern branding”.

The book will be sold in the Carturesti book stores in Romania.