The Secret Service signs a campaign for Hertz Lease


The Secret Service signs the strategy, creation and media for a campaign for Hertz Lease, to help the client be more visible on the Romanian market.

The creative idea of the campaign is centered on a Romanian habit from childhood, with kids saying “Stop, mine!” for the things they like.

The campaign will last for 2 months and is targeted online (,, Wall,,, Daily Business,,,, business press (Ziarul Financiar, Saptamana Financiara, Business Magazin), auto magazines (Top Gear), and also direct marketing.

The execution of the campaign direct to, where there available special offers for 6 car models and were the operational leasing is explained.

The concept and the implementation of the campaign was made by a The Secret Service team including Mihai Ene and Dragos Gheorghiu – creation and Adina Sorescu – strategy. From Hertz Lease, the team involved in the campaign included Theofilos Romaios  – general manager and Adina Novac – marketing coordinator.