Romanian RCS&RDS asked for a TV licence


RCS&RDS, Romanian company specialized in providing cable TV, internet and telephony services, asked from the National Audiovisual Council a TV licence to launch a TV channel that will be managed by Radu Moraru – former talk-show presenter and star of Romanian B1 TV

To lauch this TV station, RCS&RDS is investing Euro 1.17M initially, with investments of Euro 3.5M programed yearly for the next three years. The company estimates the TV will generate profits starting this year and will reach to Euro 2.5m profit by the end of next year.

According to Mediafax News Agency, the new TV will appear on the market as 10 TV and will be a TV station with generalist programming (50% news and 50% entertainment), and, if authorized, will start broadcasting in December. As announced for now, the TV station will not run ads in December.

Moraru moves to the new TV station along with his show, that will be a prime time show (20.00-23.30) and will re-run the following day, from 10.00 to 13.30.

RCS&RDS is one of the main player on Romanian telecommunication market and is also present on markets in Central and Eastern Europe, providing TV, telephony and data services. RCS&RDS also owns the channels Digi Sport, Digi TV Info, Digi Film 1 and Digi Film 2.