Graphics without computer, a book and an exhibition

Marketing, Media

“Graphics with no computer. 40 years of small accomplishments” is a book that was launched today on the Romanian market by Atelierul de Grafica. The launch also included an exhibition with materials gathered during documentation.

The book integrates, in 400 images and 160 pages, a selection of Romanian graphical works from 1945 until 1989. Album’s intention is to recover the graphical quality of the print works in the mentioned period that, even if they were realized with limited technical capabilities and under the communist propaganda machine’s watch, had more ingenuity than nowadays.

The volume is part of a larger editorial project and is a 1st step in a series that tries to attract attention over the Romanian graphical works from 1945-1989, in areas such as printing, outdoor or signage. Because the space of a book is limited, the platform is completing the project, offering a much generous expression and information medium. The texts in the volume are in Romanian and English.

Partners to the launch were Romanian Villager’s Museum, Carturesti Bookstore Network, German Book Center, Association 37, Gaspar, Baltasar and Melchior, Czech Center. The media partners are Radio Guerrilla, Igloo Media, Arhitext magazine, Zile si Nopti magazine, Modelist magazine, Decât o revistă, Metropotam, Liternet and

Graphic Front is a project dedicated to the beauty of graphical intervention, a free informational and interaction space dedicated to matters related to graphics and design and connected areas.

GF intends to archive objects and images with graphical qualities specific especially for ’50s to ’70s. The platform started on 2 directions: an archive section with graphical materials specific for the period before using the computer and a section of articles and recommendations with relevant opinions about the presence of graphics in different areas of activity of the contemporary world.

The initiative and the concept of Graphic Fonts belongs to a team including Ciprian Isac, Ioana Lupas, Petronela Antip, Luciana Constantinescu, Monica Grigore, Alexandra Cotofana , Carina Ghita, Viviana Iacob, Mihai Tudoroiu,  Valentina Bacu, Mircea Tancău, George Turliu, Serban Bonciocat, Stefania Duschka, Irina Colan, Ana Maria Pascal, Cristian Garcia, Ciprian Voicila, Alina Musatoiu, Călin Torsan, Cosmin Manolache, Ana Iuga, Elena Dogaru and Alex Calin