Samsung mobiles, most used by Americans

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Samsung mobile devices are the most used by Americans, according to a comScore study that covered 234M Americas aged 13 and older that use mobile devices.

According to the study, Samsung devices are the most used ones (24.2%), followed by LG ones (21%), Motorola (17.7%), RIM (9,3%) and Nokia (7.1%).

The same study shows that a quarters of all US mobile subscribers are using now smartphones, 60.7M people using this type of device in the last 3 months.

In a smartphone top, RIM was the leading platform in US (35.8%), followed by Apple (24.6%), Google Android (23,5%), Microsoft (9.7%) and Palm (3.9%).

When it comes about mobile content usage, most Americans use their mobile devices to send SMS-es (68.1%), to browse (36.2%), download applications (33.7%), access social networks or blogs (24.2%), playing games (23.7%), listening to music (15.4%)

The study was realized by comScore, global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics.