Google launched Street View for Romania

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Google announced, on its Street View dedicated blog, the launch of Street View service for Romania, covering for the moment only a few Romanian towns.

As Octavian Iercan, Operations Lead  Street View Europe, writes on the blog, anyone can see now images from Romania, via 360-degree Street View imagery available for several Romanian cities and roads.

Some of the places mapped by Google in Street View until now are Lacul Vidraru (Vidraru Lake), the starting point of the most beautiful road in Romania, Transfagarasan mountain pass, the summer residence of Romanian Kings, Castelul Peles (Peles Castle), the Arc of Triumph in Bucharest, the Parliament Palace and the town of Brasov.

Google released Street View in May 2007, as a service that offer 360° panoramic street-level views of various U.S. cities. Initially launched in US, it was expanded all over the world.

The service generated also a lot of controversy after its release, because of privacy concerns related to uncensored nature of the panoramic photos.