Adevarul, Peugeot and BRD usage, a sign Romanian are conservative?

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Romanians that read Romanian newspapers such as Adevarul and Jurnalul National, watch TVR1, Diva, Discovery and Animal Planet and check women and food sites are traditionalists, according to a study released by Starcom MediaVest.

The same study shows people in this category are driving Peugeots, are clients of banks such as BRD, Raiffeisen Bank or Banca Transilvania, eat Kinder or Milka chocolate and drink Sprite or Pepsi

Another category of public represents a mix between community and pleasure, less traditionalist, with values similar to TV channels such as AXN, ProCinema or musical ones. This is an active public, enjoying travelling and sports, reading Ziarul Finanaciar and consuming mainly premium products. Those people drive Audi, are ING Bank’s clients and prefer to drink Heineken, Stella Artois or Beck’s.

The adventurers’ category is predominantly male, with combative values. Through their aggresivity, the tabloids are attracting this independent public, focused on their own pleasure. This segments likes cars such as Toyota, Honda or Volvo, work with banks such as Millennium Bank or Volksbank, use iPhones, drink Carlsberg, Ciuc or Ursus and enjoy Red Bull.
The responsible and independent category include people that consume general TV, ProTV and Antena 1, or news channels such as Realitatea TV and Antena 3. They drive Citroen or Dacia and are banking with Banca Romaneasca or Citibank. When they drink, they drink Golden Brau or Bergenbier, eat chocolate brands Africana or Primola and like Fanta or Frutti Fresh.

According to monitored data, Romanian are in contact, monthly, with messages from over 450 brands that they have to choose from.

Starcom MediaVest Group released the results of a study that divides Romanian population using its values as a criteria to explain people’s choices for certain products or media channels.

For the 1st time in Romania, Starcom released the Values Study, a work that explains peoples’ reason to choose certain products or media channels not considering the usual demographics (age, income, education), but in terms of values people have.
The study is dividing the population in 4 categories, using the axis autonomy-community and responsibility-desire.

The study is based on semio-metric methodology and was realized by the research company Kantar Media on a sample of 2,500 people, covering also 40 categories of products.

Starcom MediaVest Group is the 1st and only media agency in Romania that was awarded at Cannes Lions and has an impressive portfolio of clients that includes Avon Cosmetics, Kraft Foods, Friesland, Glaxo SmithKline, Procter & Gamble, Philip Morris and Samsung.


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