Romanian region Bukovina, promoted with a march by a local representative

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One of the personal advisers of Suceava county’s council president will march to Vienna to promote “Pilgrim in Bukovina”, a touristic project financed with European money. He intends to walk to Vienna in a month period.

According to Mediafax, The president of Suceava county’s council said that 2011 will mean an offensive on the external market to promote Bucovina as touristic destination, with touristic offers to be presented to the market in Vienna, Torino, Munchen, Paris and even New York.

“Pilgrim in Bukovina” was initiated by Suceava County’s Council and financed through  POR-Axa V, a financing contract being already signed and in the implementation phase for 2011.

The budget to promote “Pilgrim in Bukovina” will be of over RON 1M for a TV ads that will run for 2 weeks on a national TV station. Also, for the promotion will be used electronic outdoor, brochures and an album and a web-page.