Applying the new rules regarding new rules on Romanian outdoor might be hard

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Applying the new rules approved for outdoor advertising might be difficult and hard to do, as they face some direct or hidden opposition from different authorities.

In this context, Elena Udrea, Development Minister, said, Thursday, in a press conference, that if the general Mair of Bucharest won’t apply the new rules, the Ministry will and will also dismantle the supports illegally placed.

Also, Udrea said that the streets where the street advertising will be forbidden will be Lascar Catargiu blvd, Aviatorilor Blvd., Kiseleff road, Historical Center, Unirii Square, University’s Square, Victoriei Square, Romana Square, Bucur Obor Passage, Stefan cel Mare, and Splaiul Independentei.

Bucharest Council members approved, in an extraordinary meeting, the Advertising Rules to  be applied in Bucharest, that stipulates that the outdoor supports can be placed on public domain only after the spaces are auctioned by Town Hall.