Bogdan Naumovici, the popular

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing

According to a top compiled by and ZeList monitor, Bogdan Naumovici, Creative Director 23 Communication Ideas (part of Leo Burnett Group Romania) is the most visible adman in Romanian social media during the year that passed (January 2010 – January 2011).

The top is leaded by Naumovici, that is seconded by Aneta Bogdan (Managing Partner Brandient), followed by Bogdan Enoiu (owner McCann Group Romania), Marco Kind (Marketing Director Vodafone), Radu Florescu (acting executive director of Romanian Advertising Agencies Association and CEO of Saatchi&Saatchi Romania), Felix Tataru (director IAA Romania, General Manager GMP Advertising). The top also includes Teddy Dumitrescu (Publicis), Thierry Millet and Manuela Necula (Ogilvy Grup Romania).

The mentioned rankings were compiled by ZeList Monitor. In order to identify all advertisers appearances in Romanian social media,  ZeList Monitor monitored over 60,270 blogs, 45,135 Twitter accounts and over 500 online informational sources.

There were also monitored  over 5.8M blog posts, 4.7 M posts, 17M Twitter messages and over 3.5m online articles.