Euro 4M promotion for the Romanian leaf

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Romania’s Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism intends to spend up to EUR4 million, without VAT, to advertise the national tourist brand on foreign TV channels.

As Mediafax news agency informs, the campaign aims to promote Romania as a tourist destination, raise awareness of the country and increase the number of tourists coming from priority markets. Financing will be provided from European Union funds.

The winner of the procurement procedure will have to ensure a balanced distribution of 30 and 20 second ads over 12 months. At least 60% of the ads should be aired during prime-time.

The target channels are the top three international channels, by viewership among people traveling for business or pleasures at least six times per year, according to data supplied by the European Media and Marketing Survey (EMS), relevant for 2010.

The contract will be awarded to the company offering the most advantageous cost per rating point.